Health & Safety

Health and Safety is very important to us here at Palmer Pallets.

We work in an area that is constantly at risk so all our staff are trained to follow your site rules when visiting or working on your site.


If you have any input or if you feel that we are not complying please don't hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your concerns and ensure any procedures are put into place.

Custom Made Pallets

We are able to produce pallets to any specification you require just let us know the weight and type of product the pallet is supporting and wether you need 2 or 4 way fork entry along with anymore relevant information you can think off and we can always give you help and advice if your not sure.


Small and large runs are available.


We have state of the art machinery that enables us to recycle scrap and make odd sized pallets, producing custom made pallets that are as environmentally friendly as possible. All pallets made at Palmer Pallets are made to the highest standard and are competitively priced.


All brought together with our highly motivated and well-trained employees – some of whom have been with us since our earliest days.


Please contact us for a quote.